Getting Stuff…in the Arctic

Let’s talk about stuff. Like cars and furniture and clothes. Yes, you can buy limited items like this in the ‘department store’ shelves at the grocery store, but when I say limited, I mean limited. If you have a favorite shampoo or want the newest fashion anything, you won’t get it at the stores here. And that’s where online shopping comes in. Deep breath, but…Amazon ships to Iqaluit. And, we’re all taking advantage of this. Our Amazon deliveries go to our Post Office and the Post Office has a warehouse that we like to call…you guessed it….the Amazon warehouse. You can’t even imagine what you can get via Amazon until you try. Flour and other dry baked goods, pet food and cat litter, pasta, rice crispy squares, granola bars, toilet paper, and on and on. I can get all these items shipped to Iqaluit for cheaper then any department store in the south. All household items lie shampoo, deodorant, etc, can be bought from Amazon. Again, this requires planning, you might need room to store the stuff you order, you need a Prime Amazon account and a credit card, and a car to pick up your parcels, sooooo, this is a privilege only for the working people in Iqaluit. If you live in the other communities, you can still at Amazon, but you’ll have to pay for shipping.
…to be contued soon…

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