Heritage Fair…in the Arctic

Each winter, at the Inuksuk High School, like so many teens across Canada, teens present their Heritage Fair projects. My son, Brennus, won 2nd in his class for his Heritage Fair presentation on the Prince Edward Island Railway. Being born white, in Prince Edward Island, Canada, he had the luxury of writing about a historic […]

Dogs…in the Arctic

The first time I was in the Arctic, in 1997, I brought my small Wheaten Terrier with me to Naujaat. Her name was Kaylie. Naujaat, then called Repulse Bay, was a very small town and was one of the last communities ‘settled’ in the Central Arctic. Some Inuit kids thought my little doggie was cute […]

Covid-19…in the Arctic

When Canada declared that Covid-19 was indeed a pandemic, and the Country went into lock down on March 17th, Nunavut went into lockdown too. Schools, offices, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, everything was off limits, just like southern Canada, even though there was no Covid-19 here. I gathered the things I would need from my office and […]

Getting Stuff…in the Arctic

Let’s talk about stuff. Like cars and furniture and clothes. Yes, you can buy limited items like this in the ‘department store’ shelves at the grocery store, but when I say limited, I mean limited. If you have a favorite shampoo or want the newest fashion anything, you won’t get it at the stores here. […]

Shopping for Groceries…in the Arctic

Shopping is a whole new experience when you live in the Arctic. In most of the 25 communities in Nunavut, there is a NorthMart/Northern and a Co-op Store. Both are similar, in that they carry groceries, and a few shelves carry department store like items.The NorthMart/Northern Stores in the Canadian Arctic have a big history. […]

Welcome to …in the Arctic

Hi Everyone, Welcome to …in the Arctic. I am a Nova Scotian living in the Canadian Arctic. I moved to Iqaluit in 2016 with two tweens and our dog in tow. Our intention was to have a 10 month adventure and then to return to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where we had been living for […]